Birch - is the forthcoming, debut LP of Brooklyn-based outfit Birch.

Created by Michelle Birsky, is a feminist concept album about the trajectory of the female experience. A personal narrative, is Birsky's attempt to understand her place as a woman in the world by looking back at the stories of her female ancestors and grappling with her own. While the songs are not explicit and many are written in metaphors, there is an undercurrent of strong, feminist energy that runs beneath as Birsky explores topics like sexual assault, abortion laws, feminist history, and more. 

Musically, is a step in a new direction for Birch as she expands her sonic landscape by employing electronic and acoustic instruments. In you'll find a melding of electronic beats with acoustic drums, pure vocals with vocal samples and loops, electronic guitar with acoustic guitar, and lush, harmonized horns. 

Co-produced by Michelle Birsky and Ariel Loh (Yoke Lore, Cape Francis) | mixed by Ariel Loh | mastered by Justin Colletti 


video password: Birch

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photos by Lincoln Lute

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