Birch is the musical project of Michelle Birsky, based in Brooklyn NY.

The band, which includes Michelle Birsky and Mat Towles blends elements of electronica, pop, singer/songwriter, and rock, never quite settling on one genre. With ambient electronic instrumentation, lush vocal looping, and unconventional song form, Birch seeks to create a unique, contemporary sound while maintaining the strength and significance of traditional songwriting.


"Birsky and her band shows admirable range, but at the same time there's a keen focus on songwriting quality that maintains a sense of consistency amidst all the variety." - Pop Matters
"Birch has a bright future ahead of them and we can't wait to see what they're up to next." - Pancakes and Whiskey
"If Birch continues down this path of creating infectious synth-pop, they could very well find themselves opening for the popular Canadian band [Metric] and possibly headlining their own tour. The young trio has the potential to be something really special." - The Revue
"Birch have you hooked on something addictively different…. Every track on ‘Halfway’ is absolutely stunning; each beautiful in their own rights, made fantastic by their union on this EP. It’s a coherent experience…leaves you cluelessly wanting more” - Fresh Beats 365
"She attempts to find meaning in the chaos; to find answers to questions people are too afraid to ask. That, and the fact that her song will be on repeat in your head for days, is why this girl is going far." - The Lala