New Single "Nobody Lives Forever" Available Everywhere!

Our latest single, Nobody Lives Forever, premiered last week on Impose Magazine and is available anywhere you listen to music!

Nobody Lives Forever is a song about fear and the ways in which it can keep us divided, if not remedied with love.

Over the past few months, in a country that lately seems to be run by fear, we’ve seen policies that target immigrants, women, the disabled, the poor…basically everyone but the rich, white male. At its core, these policies are merely tokens of fear [fear of change, of loss of power, of “the other”]. It’s up to us to resist this fear. This song is about recognizing that, despite our sometimes frightening world, we have each other and together we are powerful. Hope you enjoy!

Nobody Lives Forever 

Monsters sleep beneath our beds / hear the thoughts inside our heads / Do you want to spend the night? / Protect me from my own damn mind 

Fear of time, fear of failure / because nobody lives forever / Ride the carousel, keep on turning / Don’t know when it stops, but your learning

Fear of darkness, fear of strangers / stay within our lines, avoid the other / There’s a reason why, why we fight these wars / cause we’re terrified

Terrified of everything unknown / ut did you know that darling you’re not alone?



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