On International Women’s Day 


A day to honor the women that came before us and to shed light on the issues we still face. 

Because there are still issues. 

This year, we Americans are living under a government that has made many of us feel unsupported, has made many of us feel unsafe, and has actively tried to turn back the clock on women’s rights, as well as trans rights, immigrant rights…human rights. 

But there is still hope. 

In Rebecca Solnit’s book Men Explain Things To Me, she writes, “In the myth of Pandora, the usual emphasis is on the dangerous curiosity of the woman who opened the jar… and thereby let all the ills out into the world…But what’s interesting to me right now is that…the forces Pandora lets out don’t go back into the bottle…There’s no going back. You can abolish the reproductive rights women gained in 1973, with Roe v. Wade…But you can’t so easily abolish the idea that women have certain inalienable rights.”

This is what keeps me going. 

They can legislate the shit out of my vagina. But they can’t take away the IDEA that I should be able to make my own choices about my own body. Just like they can’t take away the IDEA that women deserve equal pay for equal work. Or the IDEA that women should be able to go to work, go to college, or simply walk down the street without fear of sexual harassment. OR the IDEA that maybe we should stop teaching our girls how to avoid sexual assault (dress conservatively/watch their alcohol consumption/carry mace) and instead teach our boys not to rape. 

These ideas have already come out of the box. You can’t put them back in. 

That’s why, at the end of the day, these ideas will win. 

And so we persist. 

With love and solidarity