We have been taught to take up as little space as possible. How rebellious to be a woman and do the opposite.

Art by Jessica Chen 

Art by Jessica Chen 


The process of creating music takes a lot of time. You write the thing, then you rewrite the thing, then you record, mix, master, then you wait because you’re scared to show it or because you want to do it through the right avenues at the perfect time (even though there is never a perfect time to expose your insides), and then finally the songs come out, single by single, because that’s how it’s done now. 


The problem with this process is that you have to wait to express yourself. You have to wait to share your thoughts, and in doing so you start to forget how you got from point A to point B. I don’t want to forget.

I’m writing my first full length album and I want to chronicle the process in this blog. I want to write about the themes that I am grappling with in these songs so that I can look back and see the progression. I know that I could easily do this privately, in a journal, like I always have. But this album is about the evolution of the female in western culture, specifically America. The more I read and think about this topic, the more I realize that to be a woman and to express one’s thoughts and ideas publicly is an act of political disobedience. 

So I start here. By taking up just a little bit of space. 

Here you will find new lyric ideas, thoughts, quotes from wiser folk, and art. Check in as you wish!